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The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada (IFANCC) is Canada’s leading Halal certifying organization. Our organization offers Halal supervision and certification services in Canada. Canada has Muslim population of 1 million. Thus, there is a tremendous economic opportunity for Canadian companies to meet the needs of Muslims for Halal food products.

The food industry not only needs to understand Halal requirements for different countries and the principles of Halal but also needs an understanding of the organizations which would best meet their needs – organizations which can service their global needs and are acceptable to the countries of import.

Halal Certification Canada


In support of its mission, IFANCC has the following objectives: -Making Halal Foods Conveniently available in the Canadian marketplace


The mission of the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada is to promote Halal food and the institution of Halal.


Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada (IFANCC) was registered in 2007, as a not-for-profit, tax exempt, Islamic organization dedicated to scientific research in the fields related to food, nutrition and health. IFANCC serves Canadian food industry and the Halal consumers.


Acquiring Halal Certification is easy and affordable. Here is a step-by-step list of the procedure

An application is filled out requesting Halal supervision and certification. There are Four easy ways of sending the Halal application form to IFANCC:

  1. Through our website at
  2. By Fax: 905 275 3330
  3. By Email:
  4. By mail: 206-130 Dundas Street E, Mississauga, ON L5A 3V8

A confidential audit of the production facility is conducted to include the explanation . . .


The integrity of halal food needs to be secured by an independent, third-party, halal product certification. IFANCC is involved in the supervision, inspection, audit, certification, and compliance of halal principles and practices in the food industry.


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