Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada

The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada (IFANCC) is Canada’s leading Halal certifying organization. Our organization offers Halal supervision and certification services in Canada. Canada has Muslim population of 1 million. Thus, there is a tremendous economic opportunity for Canadian companies to meet the needs of Muslims for Halal food products.


The food industry not only needs to understand Halal requirements for different countries and the principles of Halal but also needs an understanding of the organizations which would best meet their needs – organizations which can service their global needs and are acceptable to the countries of import.

The IFANCC Halal certificate is an authoritative, reliable and independent testimony to support your claim as a manufacturer or operator that your products meet Halal requirements. Muslim consumers will have greater confidence in consuming such products. If you are an exporter, the certificate may also help meet the importing country’s trade entry requirements. This may enhance your products’ marketability. Our Halal certificate is an internationally accepted means to assure the Halal status of foods.


Your company will get the expertise of the IFANCC staff in reviewing your products, the ingredients, the preparation and processing and the hygiene and sanitation procedures. Of course, this is all done confidentially so there is no concern of competitors learning anything about the products. However, it does provide an independent third party quality assurance step, which is valued by the consumer.


IFANCC has developed a documented procedure for producing Halal products. The procedure is consistent with various quality assurance standards and is easily implemented. We also help companies to develop Halal standards and prepare them for Halal certification. IFANCC works with the companies every step of the way to make sure all questions are answered and the Halal procedures are integrated into the standard operating procedures.


IFANCC provides training in Halal to the key personnel, who pass on this training to the other staff so they know proper methods of production. IFANCC provides consulting on product development, marketing and quality assurance to help roll out new products for the Halal consumer. IFANCC offices are available for this consultation year-round and it is part of the services we provide to client companies.


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