Companies who are certified by us

Medallion Milk Co.

Medallion Milk Co. is a premium milk powder company that has supplied 100% pure Canadian milk products to their consumers for over 50 years

GPI Global

GPI began in 1989 as a small proprietorship trading food products and medium-grade Carrageenan to blenders in Canada.

Al-Safa Foods

Al Safa Foods deeply values its relationship with its consumers and therefore, never compromises on the quality of products.

Halal Patties

A family tradition of making the finest Jamaican Patties, Patty King Intl. opened the manufacturing facility in Concord Ontario in 1994.

Cargill Meat Solutions

Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world. Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world.Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world

Shanti Tea

Shanti Tea is a values-centric company that discovers and imports carefully selected teas, herbs and spices directly from farms that follow organic agricultural practices and exist in harmony with nature.

Arla Foods Inc.

Our mission to offer modern consumers milk-based food products that create inspiration, confidence and well-being provides a platform for our Corporate Social Responsibility agenda – to engender confidence and security in society over the long term.

Tony’s Meats

Tony’s Meats was founded in 1963 and by 1976, upgraded the red meat processing facility to adhere to the Federal Inspection program for the production of fresh beef, and lamb.

Kenney and Ross Ltd

Kenney and Ross Limited was founded in 1945 by Mr. Job Kenney and Mr. Reginald Ross who were two Canadian entrepreneurs.


Saputo Inc. is a Montreal-based Canadian dairy company. Founded as a cheese making company in 1954

Crescent Food

Crescent has been a leader of innovative Halal packaged food and meats, serving Muslim communities across Canada spanning for almost three decades.

The Maple Treat

The Maple Treat began serving customers in 1975 with a vision of offering an unparalleled level of reliability, flexibility, and customer service.

St. Helen’s Meat Packers

St Helen’s provides quality halal products to customers locally and worldwide. They are a family operated company you can trust and take pride in what they do.

Imperial Flavours

Gay Lea

We started in 1958, when a group of Ontario farmers came together with a common vision. Since then we have kept our values while expanding fresh products.

ASTI Holdings Ltd

Golden Bonbon is the living heritage of three generations of the Mazzucco family who take great pride in the production of a quality candy.

King Cole Ducks

King Cole is the only fully vertically integrated farm of its kind in North America

Imperial Flavours Inc.

Imperial Flavours Inc. is a renowned supplier of delectable and health-conscious ingredients, serving as a trusted partner to leading international brands across Canada, the USA, South America, and the Caribbean.