Acquiring Halal Certification is easy and affordable. Here is a step-by-step list of the procedure

  • An application is filled out requesting Halal supervision and certification.
  • There are Four easy ways of sending the Halal application form to IFANCC:
  1. Through our website at
  2. By Fax:  905 275 3330
  3. By Email:
  4. By mail: 206-130 Dundas Street E, Mississauga, ON L5A 3V8
  • A confidential audit of the production facility is conducted to include the explanation of all matters pertinent to Halal, to review production process for products, evaluate ingredients and assess the hygiene / sanitation aspects of the production lines.
  • Company provides necessary documents and information like specification sheets, labels, flow charts, cleaning procedures and other details of the production.
  • A confidential agreement and logo use agreement are signed by both parties.
  • In case of private label brand, PL agreement is signed in addition to the main agreement.
  • In case of co-packer, 3 party agreement is signed in addition to the main agreement.
  • Plant Registration and Halal Product Certificate are generally issued for one year. However, in case of meat and gelatin based products, only Batch Product Certificates are issued based on the Halal production.
  • Once registered and certified, IFANCC authorizes the use of IFANCC Halal symbol on product labels.